Start a Self Sufficient Lifestyle with Gardening

1 bandar With the economy going downhill today you are going to want to start to rely more on yourself and neighbors for food. Now many people might not realize that you can easily obtain some form of self sufficiency it is possible to get to this point. Now the first way that you will want to start saving money by becoming self sufficient would be with gardening. Now I know that in a city many people are going to say that they do not have the room for a garden which could be the case, but here are some steps that you can take even in a city that typically work out really well.

The first thing that you might want to consider if you are really cramped on sunny spaces would be getting an Aerogarden. Now I know that the Aerogarden does cost some money to purchase, but I also know that you can easily save a bundle of money in produce cost during the winter months or even during the summer months. I have three of them and have not had to purchase fresh herbs in almost a year just by using my Aerogarden. So that is definitely a huge money saving tip that will work out great on saving money.

The second thing that you will want to try is getting some containers and already started plants from the store. Now with the plants being in a pot you will want to make sure that the pot is going to be large enough to accommodate your plants roots. Not only that you will want to consider getting some fertilizer at the same time which will save you time later on in life. You will also want to get some potting soil for your pot as well. Then you just have to put the plant in the pot and place in a sunny window ledge or sunny balcony and water it when the dirt is dry.

I will caution you that you will want to be wary of how much water you give your plant because it can be over watered easier because it will not be able to drain off the water as easily. So you will want to ensure that you watch that carefully.

However once your potted plant starts to produce if they do anything like what mine did last year you will have more of what you plant than what you will know what to do with. I know that for me I had a ton of tomatoes and actually gave quite a few to my neighbors so I managed to share some of my harvest as well.

So if you want to start on your path to becoming self reliant you can do these and they will help you on your way. If you want to do something really nice then set up an agreement with your neighbors and share who grows what and each year rotate that so then you can get experience growing each individual plant.